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    It all depends on the involvement we take in your business.  We will however ensure that we will truly benefit you before creating any paid relationship.

    Yes, we sure do!  If you are looking for a strategy call, we’re happy to provide this for free the first time up to 1HR.  After this our rates are $69/hr.  You might be surprised how far just $69/hr goes.  (Oh and if you aren’t satisfied with anything we do, we’ll do it FREE!)

    We have designed hundreds of websites and can help you depending on what you need.  We have developed entire SAAS platforms under our management, or simple 3 page websites.  Our minimum charge is $1000 for a simple 3-page website.  We setup everything and even have hosting through, a partner hosting platform that we created because nothing else fit what we needed, so we created it!

    We like to take a good look before assessing any actual feasibility of increase.  We can give you a free consultation and identify any “gaps” that we could help fill.  If there is nothing we KNOW  we can do do help your Amazon business, or we deem your product incompatible with our marketing strategy we won’t try to sell you anything!  We tend to be a little picky and that’s why we have an overall ZERO % YOY failure rate with clients.

    Yes, we sure can… But first we need to see what you’re selling and what “gaps” you have in your marketing strategy.  Most clients that come to us have serious gaps that we’ve helped close.  In come cases increasing revenue by over $1M+ in the first year with minimal advertising and work.  It all depends on our assessment of your business with a free no-obligation consult.  Contact us for more.

    Yes, some of our most successful clients and Amazon accounts under management benefit from our full-scale management.  We have an ever-growing bank of strategies and talent shared across multiple high-sales Amazon accounts.  When you choose us, you benefit from our wide scope of knowledge and management skill.