Our team has helped hundreds of businesses with total budgets
for marketing over $750,000 with 99% success rate on every campaign.


Our proven PatientMax lead program can get you up to 200+ patients
every month. Try out PatientMax for FREE for 30 days and see your potential.

Get Up To 200+ New Patients Each Month With Our Targeted Facebook Marketing Plan Designed Especially For Dentists

Irresistible offers

Our marketing team will help create a offer-based patient acquisition page ourselves to capture new leads.  We’ll work with your business structure to create a irresistible offer that’s better than anyone else in the market. We’ll also ensure that you receive the highest quality patient leads possible – we want you to succeed!

Capture new patient leads

We do all the work to get you the best patients possible – We create all the ad campaigns, landing pages, and offer coupon print-outs. Leave the hard work to us, don’t worry about managing your new patient acquisition, we’ll manage everything. We’ll walk you through each step of how we acquire your leads to ensure your satisfaction and get you the maximum potential for your budget!

Easy automated scheduling

If you’re using Outlook or Google Calendar for your scheduling, we can directly integrate our forms with your calendar service so newly acquired customer appointments are scheduled and sent to your calendar automatically based on your pre-determined availability.  We also can send new patient information directly to your inbox or other desired location.

Get the HIGHEST ROI on your marketing budget with our proven Facebook advertising program, just for dentists!

Maximize your marketing budget and increase your patient numbers! The ULTIMATE technique for Facebook advertising specifically designed for any dental practice. Test out our PatientMax Monthly consulting FREE for the first month. NO Obligation. Guaranteed results depending on your budget!


Creating long-term patient relationships

At Riviton Marketing, we focus on a results-driven marketing strategies that create long-term patient relationships.  We test small, and expand so your advertising dollars aren’t wasted.  For every new patient you get from our marketing plan, you’ll also have the chance to retain that patient for life. Our own marketing research has shown that if each new dental patient is retained for life, they can generate an average of $13,500 in total lifetime revenue. Depending on your ability to take on new clients, we believe our program is destined to help you succeed.

We’ve helped companies extend their marketing ROI with over $750,000 in Facebook advertising dollars spent. We can help you for as little as $100/month in Ad fees plus consulting.  We’re currently offering a FREE one month trial of our PatientMAX lead generating program to first time dental practices. *Available through March, 2017.

Let The Numbers Talk…

Riviton has helped bring over 150,000,000+ website and social impressions to various companies including chiropractic, dental, and other health related fields since 2012. We’ve helped convert this exposure into millions of dollars in revenue for hundreds of websites and companies – we can do the same for you.

Proven marketing for dentists

Our Facebook ad marketing strategy has proved to be incredibly affordable and at the same time very flexible for all our clients. We can work with your budget as low as $100/month and provide excellent results and new patient leads daily.  Our proven marketing skill-set has been used in various other marketing applications with over $750,000 spent, resulting in 99% positive ROI across the marketing budget. We pride ourselves in offering the most affordable marketing solution with the highest ROI of any marketing company specializing in dentistry. Get a free consultation and ask us how we can help you!

No obligation FREE 30 day trial

We realize that the benefit of our service must outweigh the cost and that’s why we offer a FREE 30 day trial of our PatientMAX program to all new dental practices willing to try our service. Within the 30 days, we’ll use your desired ad budget ($100-$500 recommended) and create a custom lead page and offer for new prospect patients.  This same service has helped other dentists get thousands of new patients and we can do the same for you too.  Contact us below to get started.

We’re locally owned and operated in SE Washington, our marketing agency is ready to drive your dental practice to success. Get a free no-obligation marketing consultation or get one FREE month of PatientMAX. Contact us today to get started, or setup a phone call here.

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