5 Ways To Get More Shares On Facebook!

Whether it be a viral news blog or an archery company, careful thought and attention is required to be successful when distributing your content on Facebook. These five tips below have proved to be the crucial factors of success in our content marketing experience.

  1. Speak the language of your audience – When you post something on your personal Facebook wall, your friends react and respond because they know you on some personal level. When you post something on your business or blog profile, you must ask yourself why people would respond? Answering this question and adapting your marketing approach can make you a pro at Facebook marketing. In our marketing experience, we believe that those who are able to provide content which intersects the audiences most passionate likes or dislikes will inherently receive the most engagement and shares via Facebook.
  2. Hyper-target or die – As Facebook, the social media giant, continues to grow, the reach allotted to each page and profile becomes less and less. What does this mean for Facebook marketers? Years ago, you could become successful no matter who you targeted on Facebook along as you could arouse some level of interest, but in 2016, things are different. Facebook marketers need to think about targeting more than ever before. I’ll call this “hyper-targeting.” Instead of targeting people who like cars, focus on what type of car model itself. Instead of focusing on funny videos, focus on a specific category of funny videos. This way you’ll be able to better meet your audience right where they are. If you don’t have a hyper-targeted Facebook page, getting those shares might be next to impossible!
  3. Tell them what to do – People usually don’t like being told what to do, but if you can somehow tell them in a positive way, you’ll win at getting Facebook shares! Use implicit combined with explicit share prompts. First tell people why your content is so awesome and then combine this reason with a reason to share. For example: “This homeless man deserved every penny! Share this wonderful story of you agree!” If you use this technique, you are sure to be successful! This technique is SOO successful that we even made a plugin that prompts users to share after they read content on your blog. We’ve made many blog owners millionaires because of this simple technique, trust us, it works!
  4. Short and to the point – describing your content in long-winded style won’t help your cause. Social media users want what they want now, and any delaying will end in a bounce and your visitor will leave. You don’t want this. Choose tag lines when posting that grabs your audiences attention right where it matters. You only have a few seconds to get the attention of your audience, don’t mess it up!
  5. Become an authority – You can be “just another piece of content” or you can really become an authority by creating premium content that people recognize by posting daily at the same specified times. If you intersect your audience correctly and provide the best content ever, you’ll give your audience a reason to love your name. When your audience falls in love with you, you’ll build your social authority and get many more shares.

In summary, remember to speak the right language to your audience, provide content that is meaningful to your audience, become an authority in your niche and then simply prompt your visitors to share. Getting more engagement and shares on Facebook is simple if you get this formula correct in the begening.

The Cancer That Kills Your Facebook Page

Yes, I know this sounds like a crazy title, but it’s something that effects many Facebook pages!

There’s a cancer that infects and affects many Facebook pages. Have you ever seen a page that has over 600,000 likes and some posts have only 3-4 likes, and maybe 1 share? Have you ever wondered why this might happen? Well, it has everything to do with how Facebook’s algorithm works. Facebook’s algorithm is constantly rating content which is posted every day and deciding what should be shown to its users. It’s all based on how people react to the content. You can have a page filled with 600,000 people, but if your followers like different things, it’s going to be very hard to get a good reaction at first. Facebook shows your posts to a small percentage of people first, but if only a small percentage responds to your posts, you may only reach 500 people. This is why broad-interest audiences can be very difficult and in many cases may be the cancer that kills you in the end.

If the content being posted isn’t intersecting the audience in the perfect spot, the post will fail at reaching hardly anyone. This is why you’ll notice influencers like BuzzFeed have multiple pages that represent various interests. In fact they started “Tasty” just to target cooking lovers. If you’ve ever seen those cooking videos with 500,000 shares and like 70,000,000 views, you can guess the reason why. They had a targeted page, a targeted niche, and their users are responding as you can guess; amazingly! – If half of Tasty’s fans didn’t like to cook, can you imagine how poorly these pages would perform?

Pages large or small which don’t specifically meet and target the needs of ALL its users will fail. This is the cancer that plagues split-interest pages.

How can I get rid of Facebook page cancer?

If your audience is still small, start by targeting a niche that is easily repeatable. Make sure you always provide content that a specific group of people will love and enjoy. If you don’t follow this rule, people will start liking your page because they only saw ONE thing that interested them… But sadly this may not reflect the majorly of content being posted to the page. This one person can become a boat anchor and the cancer that kills your Facebook page. You can’t force anyone to unlike your page, so be careful who likes your page in the first place!

Years ago people thought it was a good idea to get as many likes as possible, but that is exactly what will kill pages today.

Focus on your niche, win at targeting and you’ll have a cancer free Facebook page!

NOTE: If Facebook gives users a way to specifically target a specific niche when they post, there may be hope in getting larger pages to engage, otherwise it’s not going to happen anytime soon!